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100+ Quotes by Virat Kohli in English that Will Absolutely Inspire You

Virat Kohli is an Indian cricketer and the current captain of the Indian national team. He is regarded as one of the best batsmen in the world and has made many notable achievements in his career. Let’s check out some golden words spoken by this golden man of cricket.

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50 Famous Quotes by Virat Kohli

I don't want to be known as the world's best batsman, I want to be known as the world's best cricketer.
I believe in being honest, true, and transparent in everything I do.
I always believe that if you work hard, and have talent, you don't have to worry about the rest.
I think my biggest strength is my ability to stay calm and composed under pressure.

Here are the most famous quotes by Virat Kohli:

  • I don’t want to be known as the world’s best batsman, I want to be known as the world’s best cricketer.
  • I always believe that if you work hard, and have talent, you don’t have to worry about the rest.
  • I believe in being honest, true, and transparent in everything I do.
  • I think my biggest strength is my ability to stay calm and composed under pressure.
  • To be the best, you have to beat the best. And I believe I can do that.
  • I like people who do not need everyone to like them.
  • When you are fit, you feel as if you can do anything.
  • Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.
  • I should play and enjoy the game and inspires the next generation.
  • No cricket team in the world depends on one or two players. The team always plays to win.
  • Never give up. Today is hard tomorrow will be worse. But the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.
  • I like to be myself, and I do not pretend. For instance, I do not dress up for occasions, I am what I am.
  • They picture me as someone who is wrong, and eventually, that becomes right after a certain point in time.
  • I always dreamt of holding the bat and winning games for India. That was my inspiration to take up cricket.
  • I am a guy who likes to play with intensity. Once that is gone, I do not know what I am going to do on the field.
  • Whatever you want to do, do it with full passion and work really hard towards it. do not look anywhere else. There will be a few distractions, but if you can be true to yourself, you will be successful for sure.
  • If you can stay positive in a negative situation you win.
  • The more centuries that I am able to score, the happier I will be.
  • I love playing under pressure. In fact, if there is no pressure, then I am not in the perfect zone.
  • The bat is not a toy, it is a weapon. It gives me everything in life, which helps me to do everything on the field.
  • I get really motivated when I put on the India jersey. It is a responsibility, so I want to perform in the best way I can.
  • I want to be relaxed in my personal life. I really do not like to be hassled.
  • Becoming an inspiration for kids is great. I want to inspire them to do whatever they want to.
  • You have to stay fresh and blank in your mind when you go out to bat. You complicate things, and you are gone.
  • A fit body gives you confidence. And there is nothing more impressive than a great attitude, which you can wear on your sleeve. But you will have to remember the difference between being rude and being confident.
  • On the field, aggression can sometimes be a positive emotion. It boosts performance and can lift your game. But over the years, I have learned that restrained aggression is a better animal. That way, you will conserve your energy and will not spend yourself quickly.
  • The people you choose to have around you make all the difference. My family and close friends keep me grounded. You have to have a mind of your own and a strong head on your shoulders. Cricket is the most important thing to me, so the rest of it pales in comparison.
  • I do believe in God. But you will not find me visiting temples every now and then. I believe in self-realization. Peace of mind matters a lot to me. What is the point in doing something just for the sake of it? I would rather do something I like doing as long as I am being true to myself.
  • In cricket, my superhero is Sachin Tendulkar. He has always been my hero and will continue to remain so. Apart from him and outside cricket, my mother has remained my inspiration. Whatever difficult time I faced, she was always there for me. She has given me all the strength. She maintained her composure and supported me in tough times.
  • Unless someone wants to look funny, I will not recommend anyone to copy my bowling action. But on a serious note, with the confidence that I have got from the number of runs I have been scoring when I am thrown the ball to bowl, I am pretty sure of what I have to do. I may not be the most attractive to watch while bowling, but I can be effective.
  • I love soccer, love tennis… Roger Federer has been a favorite for a long, long time. The kind of consistency he has shown, 16 Grand Slam titles… The way he handles himself in pressure situations is admirable… He is so calm… In soccer, I’m a huge fan of Barcelona… I like watching Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and David Villa.
  • I have never fought with anyone. A lot of people talk to me, and they are like, ‘Oh, you would have been fighting all the time when you were younger,’ but I am like, ‘I never fought with anyone because I always knew that if I hurt myself, I might lose important time in my cricket career,’ so I never got into any fight, ever in my life.
  • My focus had always been the on-side. My coach wanted me to work on the offside strokes since he was convinced of my ability and timing on the leg side. I worked hard and firmed up my defensive technique. I am happy getting runs all around the wicket now and getting a lot of boundaries. No one calls me a ‘leggie batsman’ anymore.
  • I was not sure of the exact mindset you should have when you go into a Test match. So I probably became too defensive when I played my first Test match. Short balls in one-day cricket, I have never thought of just defending.
  • In the game of cricket, a hero is a person who respects the game and does not corrupt the game. The one who does not or corrupts the game, they are the villain. They should be punished, and they have been punished in the past.
  • I do not believe in signing anything and everything that comes my way. I leave it to my agency to help narrow them down for me, but I do research it myself before signing. The image of the brand and its ambassadors go hand in hand.
  • It was a personal decision for me to stand and say that cricket is all I have in life, there is nothing I need to do other than cricket. If I want to achieve whatever I thought as a kid, I need to work hard and not let it go to waste.
  • My priority is cricket. Everything that I get apart from it is a result of my effort on the field. Everything else follows. I am pretty aware of my priorities, and I do not really focus on things that are not as important to me as cricket.
  • My superhero has always been Tendulkar, and it will be Tendulkar for life. He is someone who has inspired me immensely. Just watching him play for India, I used to dream of winning games for India, because he used to do it single-handedly.
  • I do not abuse players. I talk to myself, I abuse myself. It is my way of letting off steam. I do it after every century, I do not do it always. I keep telling myself, Improve, improve from the previous match, the previous shot. You can do it.
  • I do not think there is anything wrong with earning money from the sport you love. If you work hard and get benefits from it, there is no harm. The day you feel that you are not working hard and are only looking at the benefits, that is where the problem is.
  • I always had a sense of discipline in me. However, there was a time when I could not divide my time properly between off-field things and on-field assignments. The focus would be missing at times, and that would affect my preparation for matches. I managed to change that.
  • Music, for me, is vital. Punjabi, Bollywood, Sufi, RnB… I listen to it all. When I am not listening to music, you will find me chatting with friends. Off the field, I just let my instincts take over. I certainly don’t think about batting, or which bowlers I am going to face.
  • I feel really blessed when people start comparing me with Sachin, but I keep myself focused on my performance and not on such comparisons. I literally worship him, so I do not see too much in this comparison. No cricketer has been able to score one hundred centuries like Sachin.
  • A lot of people tell me a lot of things about my conduct, my game, and my future… but I try to stay away from their words of wisdom. I do not let it distract me. On the field, you will be facing the ball alone. If you fail, you will be the only one to blame. So, you should be the one deciding for yourself.
  • I am not comparing myself with anyone, but I am very confident about my captaincy, as I have already led India and in the IPL also. I have confidence I can bring out each player’s ability fully and also give them a lot of confidence… I would like to stick to what I know best and what I have confidence in.
  • As a kid, I used to see how Sachin Tendulkar used to win matches under pressure for India in Sharjah or other places. So I was always keen to repeat the same in similar situations. I do not take pressure on myself when I am in the middle. I love pressure, and I always believe that pressure makes you more focused.
  • I love tattoos. And mine symbolize who I really am. I have a Samurai on my left arm. At a subconscious level, I connect to this warrior and model myself on his discipline, skills, and honor. There is also a tribal tattoo and a Chinese symbol of faith. I have seen a lot of people getting tattoos just because it is a trend.
  • I do not really focus on these things – on what tags are given to me or what people think of me off the field – stuff like that. My main focus is always to do well on the field for the Indian cricket team. When people say good things about me off the field, I am more than happy to accept them.
  • I delayed my father’s funeral because of cricket.

5 Motivational Quotes by Virat Kohli

Here are some motivational quotes by Virat Kohli:

  • I believe that the only way to achieve greatness is to be willing to work hard and give it your all, every single day.
  • I believe that hard work and dedication are the keys to success, and that’s what I strive for in everything I do.
  • I believe that the only way to achieve your goals is to have the determination and the desire to succeed and to never give up, no matter what obstacles may come your way.
  • I believe that success is not about being the best, but about giving your best and always striving to improve and be better than you were yesterday.
  • I believe that true greatness is achieved by those who are willing to push themselves to the limit and never settle for anything less than their best.

5 Quotes on Attitude by Virat Kohli

Here are some quotes by Virat Kohli that showcase his attitude and approach to life:

  • I believe that my attitude and my approach to the game are what sets me apart from other players. I always give it my all, and I never give up, no matter what the situation may be.
  • I believe that a positive attitude and a strong work ethic are the keys to success, and that’s what I strive for in everything I do.
  • I believe that a great player is not just someone who can score runs or take wickets, but someone who can inspire and lead their team to victory.
  • I believe that every challenge is an opportunity and that every obstacle can be overcome with hard work, determination, and a positive attitude.
  • I believe that the only way to achieve greatness is to never be satisfied with mediocrity and to always strive to be better than you were yesterday.

5 Quotes on Struggle by Virat Kohli

Here are some quotes by Virat Kohli on the subject of struggle and adversity:

  • I believe that struggle and adversity are the foundations of success. Without them, we would never learn, grow, or improve.
  • I believe that struggle is not a sign of failure, but a sign of determination and resilience. It shows that we are not afraid to face our challenges and fight for what we believe in.
  • I believe that struggle is a necessary part of life and that it is through struggle that we learn and grow. It is only by facing and overcoming our challenges that we can truly become the best versions of ourselves.
  • I believe that struggle is not something to be avoided, but something to be embraced. It is through struggle that we build our character, our strength, and our resilience.
  • I believe that struggle is an integral part of the journey toward success. Without it, we would never learn the lessons, gain the experiences, or develop the skills that we need to achieve our goals.”

5 Inspirational Quotes by Virat Kohli

Here are some inspirational quotes by Virat Kohli:

  • I believe in the power of hard work. No matter how talented you are, hard work is the key to success.
  • I am a big believer in setting goals and achieving them. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and keeps me motivated.
  • I always try to give 100% in everything I do. Whether it is my work on the cricket field or my personal life, I always give it my all.
  • I believe that success comes from being disciplined and consistent. If you are consistent in your efforts, you will eventually achieve your goals.
  • I believe in the power of positive thinking. If you have a positive attitude, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

5 Aggressive Quotes by Virat Kohli

Here are some aggressive quotes by Virat Kohli:

  • I am a fighter. I never give up and always give my best on the cricket field.
  • I believe in taking risks and playing aggressively. That’s the only way to succeed in cricket.
  • I am never afraid to take on the opposition. I always believe in my abilities and back myself to succeed.
  • I am a winner. I never give up and always give my best to help my team succeed.
  • I never give up. I always believe that I can chase down any target and achieve any goal.

5 Quotes on Confidence by Virat Kohli

Here are a few quotes by Virat Kohli that reflect his confidence and self-belief:

  • I believe in myself and my abilities. I know that if I work hard and stay focused, I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  • I never doubt myself. I always believe that I have what it takes to succeed and I never let self-doubt get in the way of my goals.
  • I am confident in my abilities and I always back myself to deliver on the cricket field. I know that I have the talent and the skills to succeed.
  • I am a strong and confident person. I know what I am capable of and I never let anyone or anything stand in the way of my goals.
  • I believe in my abilities and my potential. I know that if I work hard and stay focused, I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

5 Virat Kohli Quotes on Love

Here are some quotes that reflect Kohli’s belief in the power of love:

  • Love is the most powerful force in the world. It can overcome anything and help us achieve anything we set our minds to.
  • I believe in the power of love. It can bring people together and help us overcome any obstacle.
  • I am a firm believer in the power of love. It can inspire us to greatness and help us achieve our goals.
  • Love is the foundation of any strong and happy relationship. Without love, we are nothing.
  • I believe that love is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. It can help us overcome any challenge and achieve anything we set our minds to.

12 Quotes on Virat Kohli by Legends

Here are some quotes written for Virat Kohli by people who are legends themselves:

  • I think Virat has a GPS fitted in his mind. He can pick the gaps so easily. – Harsha Bhogle
  • You cannot go beyond Kohli in a run chase. I would bet my life on Kohli. – Nasser Hussain
  • Best Test player … KOHLI. Best ODI player … KOHLI. Best T20 player … KOHLI. – Michael Vaughan
  • To become a good player, you need talent. To become a great player, you need an ATTITUDE like Kohli. – Sunil Gavaskar
  • Virat’s success does not surprise you. His failures do. -Sanjay Manjrekar
  • If you can not dismiss this man (Kohli), it does not matter how much you got on the board. – Kane Williamson
  • There are players who are in form and there is Kohli who wins you games again and again. – Yuvraj Singh
  • As of now, Virat Kohli is the greatest batsman in the world. – Saurav Ganguly
  • I love watching Virat Kohli bat. I love his aggression and the serious passion that I used to have. He reminds me of myself – Sir Viv Richards
  • If I have to pick the best batsman in the world of cricket right now, only two names come to my mind, one is Ab De Villiers and other Virat Kohli – Nasir Hussain
  • Virat Kohli is the prince of Indian Cricket – Ian Chappell
  • Kohli has done wonders for the country in a short span of time. He is someone who can raise the value of Indian cricket with his intensity and his hunger to win. You could see this on his face when he walks out to bat or onto the field when he captains India. – Sourav Ganguly

5 Quotes for Virat Kohli’s Birthday

Here are a few potential quotes that could be used as birthday wishes for Virat Kohli:

  • Wishing a very happy birthday to a true champion on and off the field. Keep inspiring us with your dedication and hard work.
  • May your birthday be filled with joy, success, and good health. Keep shining like a star and inspiring us all.
  • Happy birthday to one of the most talented and hardworking cricketers in the world. May you have a fantastic day and a great year ahead.
  • Sending you lots of love and best wishes on your special day. May your birthday be as amazing as you are and may all your dreams come true.
  • Wishing a very happy birthday to a true sportsman and a great role model. May you have a wonderful day and a fantastic year ahead.


Who is Virat Kohli?

Virat Kohli is an Indian cricketer. He is one of the most successful and well-known cricketers in the world and is widely regarded as one of the best batsmen in the game. Kohli made his debut for the Indian cricket team in 2008 and has since become one of the most important players in the team’s lineup. In addition to his cricketing abilities, Kohli is also known for his fitness and dedication to the sport.

When is Virat Kohli’s Birthday?

Virat Kohli’s birthday is on 5 November 1988.

What is Virat Kohli’s Age?

Virat Kohli was born on November 5, 1988. As of December 12, 2022, he is 33 years old.

What is Virat Kohli Height?

In terms of his height, Virat Kohli is 5 feet 9 inches (roughly 175 cm) tall, which is considered to be of average height for an Indian male.

Who is Virat Kohli’s Wife?

Virat Kohli is married to Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in Italy in 2017. Since then, they have become one of the most popular and high-profile couples in India, with a large following on social media.

What is Virat Kohli’s Daughter’s Name?

Virat Kohli and his wife, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, welcomed their first child, a daughter, in 2020. The couple named their daughter Vamika. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are two of the most high-profile personalities in India, and their daughter has already attracted a lot of attention from fans and the media.

What is Virat Kohli’s Net Worth?

Virat Kohli’s net worth stands at around $127 million as of 2022. He is one of the wealthiest cricket players in the world based on his overall earnings. Since making his international debut for India in 2008, the mega-celebrity in cricket has continued to establish his dominance. You can get an idea about their net worth by knowing that he was the highest-paid athlete in 2020.

What is Virat Kohli’s Hairstyle Called?

Virat Kohli is known for his distinctive hairstyle. Over the years, he has sported a variety of different hairstyles, but his most iconic look features a buzz cut with a thin strip of hair on the top of his head. This hairstyle has become popular among fans who admire Kohli’s style and rugged good looks. In recent years, Kohli has also experimented with longer hairstyles and beard styles.

What is Virat Kohli’s Instagram Handle?

Virat Kohli is one of the most popular personalities in India, and he has a large following on social media. On Instagram, his handle is @virat.kohli, and he regularly posts updates about his cricketing career, his personal life, and his philanthropic efforts. As of December 12, 2022, he has over 60 million followers on Instagram.

What is Virat Kohli’s Twitter Handle?

Virat Kohli is an active user of social media, and he has a large following on Twitter. On Twitter, his handle is @imVkohli, and he regularly shares updates about his cricketing career, his personal life, and his thoughts on a variety of topics. As of December 12, 2022, he has over 41 million followers on Twitter.

What are Virat Kohli’s Cricket Stats?

Virat Kohli has an impressive record of achievement in cricket. As of 2022, in international cricket, he has scored over 20,000 runs across all formats, including 70 centuries and 99 half-centuries. In Test cricket, he has scored over 7,000 runs at an average of 53.62, and in One Day Internationals (ODIs), he has scored over 11,000 runs at an average of 59.33. Kohli is also known for his captaincy skills, and he has led the Indian cricket team to a number of victories.

How Many Centuries has Virat Kohli Scored?

He is a top-order right-handed batsman Virat Kohli had scored 72 centuries in international cricket, including 27 in Test matches, 44 in ODIs, and 1 in T20Is as of December 2022.

Does Virat Kohli Have Any Tattoo?

Virat Kohli is known for his distinctive style and his rugged good looks, and he has a number of tattoos on his body. One of his most prominent tattoos is the Sanskrit word “Om” on his right upper arm, which is a symbol of spirituality and inner peace. He also has a tattoo of a samurai warrior on his right shoulder, which represents his mental strength and determination. Kohli also has a tattoo of a dragon on his chest, which symbolizes his passion and his fierce competitive spirit.

Does Virat Kohli Play for RCB?

Yes, Virat Kohli plays for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) team in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He has been a part of the RCB team since 2008. In 2013, he took over as the team’s full-time captain, leading them in 140 matches, winning 66 and losing 70. Under his leadership, the team has made it to the playoffs of the IPL several times, but they have yet to win the tournament.

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