80+ Titanic Quotes: Iconic Dialogues from the Timeless Love Story

Titanic quotes have become iconic phrases that have been etched in the memories of movie lovers around the world. From the heart-wrenching love story between Jack and Rose, to the tragic end of the luxury liner, the 1997 film Titanic has touched the hearts of millions. Here are some of the most memorable quotes from the film that have stood the test of time. 

But this ship can’t sink!
I’m the king of the world!
Your ship is a wonder, Mr. Andrews, truly.
God himself could not sink this ship.

Best Quotes from the Titanic

Here are some of the best and memorable quotes from the Titanic, one of the most loved romantic movies of all times:

  • But this ship can’t sink!
  • Somebody’s life’s about to change.
  • Where to, Miss? To the stars.
  • I’ve got ten bucks in my pocket, I have no-nothing to offer you and I know that. I understand. But I’m too involved now.
  • Put your hands on me, Jack.
  • Whatever you do, don’t let go of my hand!
  • The purpose of the university is to find a suitable husband.
  • All life is a game of luck.
  • Your money can’t save you anymore than it can save me.
  • For me, Paris was more about living on the streets and trying to put it on paper.
  • You know, my dream has always been to run away and become an artist, Living in a Garrett poor but free!
  • She’s made of iron, sir! I assure you, she can. And she will. It is a mathematical certainty.
  • Seeing her coming out of the darkness like a ghost ship, it still gets me every time.
  • Of course it’s unfair. We’re women. Our choices are never easy.
  • Three years, I’ve thought of nothing except Titanic; but I never got it… I never let it in.
  • A real man makes his own luck.
  • Jack… Mister Dawson, it’s been a pleasure. I’ve sought you out to thank you, and now I have thanked you.
  • I’m through being polite, goddammit! Now, take me down!
  • Staring up at the sky, look. It’s so beautiful. So vast and endless. They’re so small. My crowd, they think they’re giants. They are not even dust in God’s eyes.
  • You’re crazy! That’s what everybody says, but with all due respect Miss, I’m not the one hanging off the back of a ship here.

Titanic Quotes by Jack Dawson (Leonardo Decaprio)

Jack Dawson is one of the protagonists from the Titanic played by Leonardo Decaprio. Jack’s love for Rose and his bravery in the face of disaster make him a beloved character in the Titanic story. Here are some of his most memorable quotes from the movie:

  • I’m the king of the world!
  • Where to, Miss?
  • I don’t know about you, but I intend to write a strongly worded letter to the White Star Line about all of this.
  • They’ve got you trapped, Rose. And you’re gonna die if you don’t break free. Maybe not right away because you’re strong but sooner or later that fire that I love about you, Rose… that fire’s gonna burn out.
  • I mean, I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people.
  • Come, Josephine, in my flying machine, going up, she goes up, up she goes.
  • That’s what everybody says, but with all due respect Miss, I’m not the one hanging off the back of a ship here.
  • No, no, that’s not what I was thinking. What I was thinking was, what could’ve happened to this girl to make her think she had no way out?
  • I can’t turn away without knowing you’ll be all right.
  • I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.
  • Well, right now, my address is the RMS Titanic, after that, I’m on God’s good humor.
  • I work my way from place to place, you know, tramp steamers and such, but I won my ticket on Titanic here in a lucky hand of poker, a very lucky hand.
  • Listen, Rose. You’re gonna get out of here, you’re gonna go on and you’re gonna make lots of babies, and you’re gonna watch them grow. You’re gonna die an old… an old lady warm in her bed, not here, not this night. Not like this, do you understand me?
  • Rose! You’re so stupid. Why did you do that, huh? You’re so stupid, Rose. Why did you do that? Why?
  • Rose, you’re no picnic, all right? You’re a spoiled little brat, even, but under that, you’re the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful girl, woman that I’ve ever known.

Titanic Quotes by Rose Dewitt Bukater (Kate Winslet)

Rose Dewitt Bukater, played by Kate Winslet, was one of the protagonists in the Titanic. As a passenger on the doomed ship, Rose’s journey was full of heartbreak and tragedy, but also hope and determination. Here are some of her iconic quotes from the movie:

  • Your ship is a wonder, Mr. Andrews, truly.
  • It’s been 84 years, and I can still smell the fresh paint. The china had never been used. The sheets had never been slept in. Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.
  • I saw my whole life as if I’d already lived it. An endless parade of parties and cotillions, yachts, and polo matches. Always the same narrow people, the same mindless chatter. I felt like I was standing at a great precipice, with no one to pull me back.
  • I’d rather be his whore than your wife.
  • A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.
  • I know what you must be thinking. “Poor little rich girl, what does she know about misery?”
  • It was the ship of dreams to everyone else. To me, it was a slave ship, taking me back to America in chains. Outwardly, I was everything a well brought up girl should be. Inside, I was screaming.
  • Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.
  • I believe you are blushing, Mr. Big Artiste. I can’t imagine Monsieur Monet blushing.
  • At Cherbourg, A woman came aboard named Margaret Brown. We all called her Molly. History would call her the Unsinkable Molly Brown.
  • Do you know of Dr. Freud, Mr. Ismay? His ideas about the male preoccupation with size might be of particular interest to you.
  • Oh mother, shut up! Don’t you understand? The water is freezing and there aren’t enough boats. Not enough by half. Half the people on this ship are going to die.
  • Jack, this is where we first met.
  • My heart was pounding the whole time. It was the most erotic moment of my life. Up until then, at least.
  • This was mine. How extraordinary! And it looks the same as it did last time I saw it… The reflection’s changed a bit.
  • Teach me to ride like a man.
  • You have a gift Jack, you do. You see people.
  • Jack, I’m flying!
  • You unimaginable bastard!

Titanic Quotes by Caledon Hockley (Billy Zane)

Caledon, played by Billy Zane in Titanic, was a wealthy and arrogant businessman, and Rose’s fiancé, who was on board the doomed ship. He is known for his memorable quotes throughout the film, including:

  • God himself could not sink this ship.
  • Where are you going? To him? To be a whore to a gutter rat?
  • I always win, Jack.
  • I put the diamond in the coat. And I put the coat on her!
  • You know, it’s a pity I didn’t keep that drawing. It’ll be worth a lot more by morning.
  • You’re a good liar.
  • We’ll both have the lamb, medium-rare with very little mint sauce. You like lamb, don’t you sweet-pea?

Titanic Quotes by Margaret ‘Molly’ Brown (Kathy Bates)

Margaret Brown (played by Kathy Bates) is a character based on the real-life historical figure of Margaret Tobin Brown. She was a philanthropist and social activist who became known as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” after surviving the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912.

In the film, Margaret Brown is portrayed as a wealthy and independent woman who is determined to help others and make a difference in the world. Here are some of her most memorable quotes from the movie:

  • Hey, uh, who thought of the name Titanic? Was it you, Bruce?
  • She’s a pistol, Cal! Hope you can handle her.
  • Do you have the slightest comprehension of what you’re getting into?
  • Well, you’re about to fall into the snake pit… what are you planning to wear?
  • Knock it off. You’re scaring me. C’mon girls! Grab an oar, let’s go!
  • I don’t understand a one of you. What’s the matter with ya? It’s your men out there! There’s plenty o’ room for more!
  • Just start from the outside and work your way in.
  • Ain’t nothing to it, is there, Jack? Remember, they love money so pretend like you own a gold mine and then you’re in the club.
  • You shine up like a new penny.
  • We’ve lots more room! I say we go back.
  • You gonna cut her meat for her, too, Cal?
  • Why do they insist on announcing dinner like a damned cavalry charge?
  • How about a little ice?

Titanic Love Quotes

Titanic is one of the most iconic romantic films to ever exist. Here are some of its most beautiful and memorable quotes on love:

  • Now you know there was a man named Jack Dawson, and that he saved me in every way that a person can be saved. I don’t even have a picture of him. He exists now only in my memory.
  • I’ll never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go.
  • Winning that ticket, Rose, was the best thing that ever happened to me… it brought me to you. And I’m thankful for that, Rose. I’m thankful.
  • You jump, I jump remember?
  • I love you, Jack… I’m so cold… I can’t feel my body.

Sad Titanic Quotes

The Titanic was a luxury passenger ship that tragically sunk on its maiden voyage in 1912, killing over 1,500 people. It remains one of the most famous maritime disasters in history. These sad Titanic quotes perfectly capture the heartwrenching tragedy of Titanic’s sinking:

  • She can stay afloat with the first four compartments breached, but not five. Not five. She goes down by the head, the water will spill over the bulkheads, from one to the next back and back there’s no stopping it.
  • Gentlemen. It has been a privilege playing with you tonight.
  • As she goes down by the head, the water will spill over the tops of the bulkheads at E deck from one to the next. Back and back. There’s no stopping it.
  • In an hour or so, all of this will be at the bottom of the Atlantic.
  • Music to drown by. Now I know I’m in first class.
  • Fifteen-hundred people went into the sea when Titanic sank from under us. There were 20 boats floating nearby…and only one came back. One. Six were saved from the water, myself included. Six… out of 1500. Afterward, the 700 people in the boats had nothing to do but wait… wait to die… wait to live… wait for an absolution… that would never come.
  • Is there anyone alive out there? Can anyone hear me?
  • Don’t you do that, don’t say your goodbyes. Not yet, do you understand me?

Inspirational Titanic Quotes

Titanic is a classic love story that has inspired millions of people around the world. These inspiring quotes from the movie remind us of the power of love, determination, and the strength of the human spirit. Here are a few:

  • When you got nothing. You got nothing to lose.
  • Promise me you’ll survive. That you won’t give up, no matter what happens. No matter how hopeless.
  • Can you exchange one life for another? A caterpillar turns into a butterfly. If a mindless insect can do it, why couldn’t I?

About the Movie – The Titanic

The Titanic, directed by James Cameron, was a massive critical and commercial success, becoming the highest-grossing film of all time at the time of its release. It won 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, and its iconic theme song, “My Heart Will Go On,” performed by Celine Dion, became a worldwide hit.

The film’s success can be attributed to its compelling blend of historical fact and fictionalized romance, as well as its impressive special effects, which brought the doomed ship to life on screen in a way that had never been seen before. The performances of the cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack and Kate Winslet as Rose, are also widely praised and helped to cement the film’s place in pop culture history.

The Titanic is a must-see film for anyone who loves epic love stories, historical dramas, or just beautifully made films. Its enduring popularity and cultural impact make it a true cinematic classic that continues to captivate and inspire audiences around the world. With its grand sets, sweeping score, and unforgettable performances, the Titanic is a cinematic masterpiece that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

About the Director – James Cameron 

Cameron was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada, in 1954 and began his career in the film industry as a special effects artist. He rose to fame in the 1980s with the release of his science fiction action film, The Terminator, which became a cult classic and launched a franchise.

In the 1990s, he directed and wrote the blockbuster hit Titanic, which remains one of the highest-grossing films of all time. Cameron is known for his innovative use of special effects and cutting-edge technology in his films, and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in cinema.

He has been a pioneer in the use of 3D technology in film, and his 2009 blockbuster Avatar was the first feature film to be shot entirely with 3D cameras. His dedication to his craft has earned him numerous awards and accolades, including many Academy Awards for Best Director.

In addition to his film work, Cameron is also a passionate environmental activist and has used his platform to raise awareness about issues such as climate change and ocean conservation. He has donated to various environmental causes and has even made documentary films about environmental issues.

His passion for storytelling and his dedication to using his work to make a positive impact have solidified his reputation as a visionary in the film industry and beyond.

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